• Noble is a vertically-integrated hospitality specialist with three decades of expertise in acquiring hotels, making them more efficient, more effective, and more valuable. Noble has invested $4 billion in more than 120 investments in upscale select-service and extended-stay hotels primarily affiliated with Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt.

    We invest in high-growth U.S. markets characterized by significant population and workforce expansion and diversity of demand generators such as life sciences, bio-medical, technology, as well as knowledge and innovation centers. Our internal competencies help to drive top-line revenue, best-in-class operational results, and long-term asset value.

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    $4 billion invested in communities throughout the United States

    "As a signatory to the UNPRI and a fiduciary to foremost public pensions plans, corporate pension plans, endowments, and foundations, Noble's endeavors help to preserve and grow our limited partners' capital, which assists in providing retirement benefits for our country's teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, other pensioners, and financial resources for students to attend college."

    Mit Shah Chief Executive Officer

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    Noble's longer duration income funds have an enhanced current return strategy realized by acquiring newer hotels where Noble can improve operational performance and provide a current distributable yield.

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    Value Add

    Noble's value-add funds have a total return strategy realized by developing hotels in primarily urban city-centers and on university campuses and redeveloping and reconfiguring 'B' assets in 'A' locations.


    Noble principals personally invest in each of Noble's institutional real estate funds, creating an alignment of interests and an incentive to perform.


    Noble has a national platform and thirty years of personal relationships with a highly fragmented group of developer/operators. Through our ongoing, pro-active dialogue with owners, lenders, and advisors, Noble has sourced the majority of its hotel investments on a direct, off-market basis.


    Noble is an operator, not an allocator – using our scale and resources to add value by utilizing significant hands-on expertise, data analytics, innovation, and technology to drive performance. Our vertically-integrated competencies enhance property revenues, deliver cost efficiencies, and maximize cash flows.


    Noble's in-house development team leads the strategies that add value to new projects, asset repositioning, and physical plant maintenance. Responsible for planning, programming, design, zoning, entitlement, construction management, procurement, and opening, each project is executed with a focus on sustainability, with all new Noble projects achieving LEED certification. 


    Noble Investments, LLC ("PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP I") closed in 1999 and invested in 21 hotels with a total capitalization of $229 million. Private Partnership I is fully realized.


    Noble Parallel Fund, LLC ("PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP II") closed in 2003 and invested in 8 hotels with a total capitalization of $373 million. Private Partnership II is fully realized.

    FUND I

    Noble Hospitality Fund, LLC ("FUND I") closed in 2007 and invested in 31 hotels with a total capitalization of $792 million. Fund I is fully realized.


    Noble Hospitality Fund II, LLC ("FUND II") closed in 2013 and invested in 29 hotels with a total capitalization of $697 million. Fund II is fully realized.


    Noble Hospitality Fund III, LLC ("FUND III") closed in 2015 and invested in 22 hotels with a total capitalization of $723 million. Fund III is fully invested and partially realized.


    Noble Hospitality Fund IV, LLC ("FUND IV") closed in 2018 with $450 million in equity, including Noble principal commitments. In 2020, Fund IV closed an additional $200 million of equity in a Co-investment Sidecar. $650 million of equity in the Fund IV Series is currently being invested in more than $1.5 billion of hotels.

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